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Why Doug Ducey

Business Person

Over the last 20 years, Doug Ducey has been a business leader and a business builder. Through his innovation, team-building skills, and results-based managerial style, he has created thousands of jobs in America and worldwide, helped hundreds to realize their dreams of business ownership, and created a culture of accountability and a mission that has become a model of business best practices.


As the former CEO and Chairman of Cold Stone Creamery, a true Arizona business success story, Doug discovered that the key to achieving seemingly impossible goals is to set a vision, ignite people to it, provide tools and support, and manage for results. It's Doug's proven method, and it's what he'll do as Arizona State Treasurer.


Doug believes that it is time for responsible, accountable government that delivers results for Arizona. Doug is not a politician, he's a citizen. He is not a legislator, he's a business leader. And rather than sit on the sidelines waiting for someone else to take the lead, Doug decided that real results start with him. Doug Ducey can deliver real results and business thinking to Arizona's finances.


What Will I Do

Prudent Manager of State's Money and Investments

If elected, my first priority will be to act as a good and prudent manager of our state's money and investments. I will make sure that the Treasurer's office is professionally and competently run. That's the primary focus.

Total Financial Clarity to All — Both State and Federal Funds

The second thing I'll do as Treasurer is bring total financial clarity to our state's finances. I will improve the current AZ Checkbook website, making it easily searchable and understandable. I will help turn data into information so that all Arizonans understand where our state is spending its money and can apply the proper pressure to the legislature and the Governor.

Champion for Job Creation & Business Relocation

I know something about creating jobs, and I know how entrepreneurs think. I'll use my experience to help whoever is our next governor to create good, new Arizona jobs.


Doug's Background

How Arizona Became Home

Doug Ducey was born and raised in Toledo, Ohio. His dad was a policeman and his mom stayed at home with his brother, his sister, and him.

When Doug came to Arizona in 1982 to attend college, he didn’t know a single person. That soon changed, and four years later, when he graduated Arizona State University with his Bachelor of Science in Finance, Doug Ducey had begun to develop deep roots in the community. He had grown to love the Western spirit and Arizona.

Arizona is Doug's home. It’s where he met his college sweetheart—now wife of 20 years—Angela and where he has raised his three sons Jack (13), Joe (10), and Sam (6). It is also where Doug built and developed two businesses that created jobs for Arizonans across the state.

From ASU Student to W.P. Carey School of Business Hall of Fame

Doug's family circumstances required him to work throughout college. While majoring in Finance at ASU, Doug worked for Hensley & Co., the local Anheuser-Busch distributorship. Upon graduation, he joined Procter & Gamble and began a career in sales and marketing. There he was trained in management, preparing him for the next step in his entrepreneurial journey back to Arizona.

When Doug originally saw the first Cold Stone Creamery in Tempe, he was amazed by the emotional connection the customers had to their local ice-cream store. To him, it had the potential to change the entire ice cream category and become the Ultimate Ice Cream Experience. It became Doug's goal as a partner in the business and then as the leader and CEO of Cold Stone to bring that brand to life and share that experience with the world. When they sold the company, Cold Stone had over 1400 stores in all 50 states and 10 countries.

Not one to sit still, Doug again committed to an entrepreneurial pursuit here in Arizona and is now the lead investor and Chairman of the Board for iMemories, an Arizona-based company that is the leader in taking home movies and digitizing them so you can use them with today’s computer and online technology.

Motivated by Fresh Ideas, Business Sense, and Accountability

Doug is an optimist and a doer. Yet he has found himself increasingly disappointed in our government and our leaders. In so many ways they have seemed out-of-touch, arrogant, and wasteful. Just look at our current financial state. Our budget is structurally broken, and the financial state of affairs is a mess. This is unacceptable, and career politicians aren’t up to the job of fixing the problem.

The question the voters of Arizona have to decide is this: Who’s going to help lead us out of this mess? Is it going to be the same cast of characters who got us here in the first place? Or is there room for someone new – someone with a fresh approach who is not mired in the politics of the past?

That’s why Doug decided to run for Treasurer. He thinks we need new ideas and new leaders who approach government differently.

If Doug is elected, he will spend the majority of his time working in two areas: First, being a good manager of the state’s money and ensuring the Treasurer’s office is professionally and competently run. That’s the primary focus.

And second, he wants to make himself available to whoever is the next governor – whether he or she is a Republican, a Democrat, or an Independent – to help lead the charge on bringing new jobs to the state. Doug knows a little about creating jobs; he knows how entrepreneurs think; and he can add value to whoever leads our state for the next four years. We’ve got to create jobs and get this economy back on track. The State Treasurer can be a vocal and integral part of that.

Based on every conversation Doug has had with Arizonans, he's found they want an end to the non-stop partisan bickering, and they want elected officials who consider themselves Arizonans first. We need a team of leaders in state government who can work together and put the interests of the state first. That’s what Doug is committed to doing.

I hope you’ll join Doug. He can’t do this alone. He needs the help of thousands of citizens like you to engage and help out any way that you can. Talk to your friends… contribute money… sign up for his e-mail updates…volunteer to do some work in your neighborhood… vote on primary day…

As Doug says, "This state badly needs new leadership and a new beginning. With your help we can do better, and I know we will!"

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