Treasurer Dean Martin Endorses Doug Ducey

by Doug Ducey
Monday August 2, 2010, @ 8:03 AM

I'm proud to share that today current Arizona State Treasurer, Dean Martin, has endorsed me as his successor.

Treasurer Martin said, "In my administration we have rebuilt the Treasurer’s office, improved transparency and profitability.  However, Arizona is still facing economic uncertainty, and we need someone who will not only continue our work, but has the experience to build on our success.  This person is Doug Ducey. He is the only candidate who has the business and finance experience needed in the Treasurer’s office.

"It is Doug’s business-oriented approach that Arizona needs in the Treasurer’s office, which is why I am proud to announce my endorsement of Doug Ducey for Arizona State Treasurer."

Dean Martin has built a solid foundation for success in the State Treasurer's office, and I’m honored to have his endorsement.

Treasurer Martin believes, as I do, that it takes real business skills to manage tax dollars efficiently, and he shares my commitment to bringing clarity to our state’s finances online.

If you, too, believe that a business-oriented approach is right for the Arizona Treasurer's office, I ask you to vote Doug Ducey for State Treasurer either by early ballot or on August 24th.


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