Happy Fourth of July!

by Doug Ducey
Sunday July 4, 2010, @ 12:27 PM

I love the Fourth of July. Along with Thanksgiving it is among my favorite holidays. There’s no muss, no fuss, just family gathering, good food, national pride, and even the chance to--responsibly--blow some stuff up (depending on the local laws).

As I get older the country seems younger. 234 years have passed since July 4, 1776.  The average man lives to be about 80. If you take that life span and lay it across the life of the United States it's only the lifetime of 3 men. Just 3 lifetimes.

Our Founders have created a nation that in just a few generations has become the most significant force for good in our world. We are both the most powerful and the most free nation on the planet. It's remarkable, it's exceptional, and it's something worth celebrating even in this time of temporary economic slowdown.

We have achieved so much as a country in a short historical timeframe. It's
not an accident. It's an experiment that works.

With three sons of my own I wonder how much we may take for granted due to our birthright. I wonder what over their three lifetimes will change and what will be left to the next three generations.

I believe a lot of the current change in our country and in our state has us headed in the wrong direction. And--as a small way of giving back for my good fortune to be an American and an Arizonan I want to do as much as I can to right the path.

Angela, our three boys, and I are participating in the Prescott Rodeo Parade rather than watching it this weekend. And I get the sense that many Arizonans are ready to be participants in righting our direction rather than just spectators. I hope you’ll join me in getting Arizona back on the right track.

Happy Independence Day!


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